Same-sex Marriage and Principled Arguments

By Staff

To make a principled argument is to make a good argument. It is with that in mind that the gay marriage issue must be addressed.

For Michael Heath and his band of bigots, it is that their particular, cultural, local god says that homosexuality is wrong. That is a terrifically faulty basis, especially where public policy is considered, but for the moment one can assume it is true. How does it affect marriage?

The truth is that even if the sexuality of Michael Heath and cohorts is somehow superior to that of homosexuals, it has no bearing on whether or not a state should allow same-sex individuals to marry.

Marriage licenses are not doled out on the basis of sexual orientation. They never have been. Indeed, if one searches long and hard enough, it is possible to find a homophobe using this fact to support his own position. But it offers no use to anyone but proponents of marriage equality.

A gay man is allowed to marry a straight woman. He can also marry a gay woman. Likewise, a gay woman can marry a straight or gay man. Clearly, the sexual orientation of these people is irrelevant to their legal rights. What matters is sex.

To be clear, “sex” is commonly used interchangeably with “gender”. In light of modern, grammatical tinkering it has become believed that the words always hold entirely separate meanings. Context is ignored. This is unfortunate. That said, for expediency it is necessary to acquiesce to this sociological-based finagling and use “sex”. Its meaning here refers to what one’s chromosomes determine: whether one is male or female.

If it is purely sex that matters in the issuing of marriage licenses by our secular governments, then the issue of same-sex marriage is not one of homosexuality at all. The silly, proud proponents of bigotry would like everyone to think otherwise, but they are irrelevant. No matter what one religion illogically claims about homosexuality is not at play here.

A good parallel is swingers. A lot of people, especially the religious, believe that it is wrong for one couple to switch partners with another couple. Whether they’re right or wrong doesn’t matter, however, in issuing a marriage license. That has nothing to do with the criteria for getting married.

This issue should be simple. To be married in any state there are a few basic requirements. In general, they are that each person in the marriage be of age (or have parental consent), that each person consent, and that each person understand the conditions of the contract. There are other nuances (such as each person not currently be in a marriage), but they generally do not apply to this discussion.

In every instance, same-sex partners meet the requirements. The only place they fail is in their sex. And that’s where the argument turns. Discrimination based upon homosexuality? That has a legal argument. It isn’t a good one, but it’s there. But discrimination based upon sex? Well, that has no argument. In fact, it has few (knowing) supporters. Even most Christian, Jewish, and other (American) religious groups will reject that sort of discrimination. Unfortunately, their religiously based and justified bigotry blinds them to the fact that they are not discriminating upon the basis of sexual orientation. They do not know they are advocating the obviously illegal position of denying one rights based upon sex. They are unaware that this (at least in principle) adversely affects everyone, whether male or female, straight or gay, Christian or not.

Let’s stick to principles then. Sex discrimination is wrong and our society will reject it every time it rears its ugly head.


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