Question 1 and Respect

By Michael Hawkins

It is necessary to briefly address the ugliness of Question 1. The results were abysmal: 52% of Mainers are bigots.

It would be a mistake to forget the analogy consistently drawn by No on 1 supporters. That is, this is like the past denials of civil rights for racial minorities.

Yes on 1 supporters never bothered to show how same-sex marriage infringed upon anyone’s rights. From this reason it must be concluded that “bigot” is the most appropriate term for these people.

Yet there’s an unjustified apprehension surrounding this label. Those who fought for liberty would do well to remember that the aforementioned analogy was more than just words. It meant something.

Do away with the undue respect. A bigot is a bigot is a bigot. Declare it loudly.


One Response

  1. After talking to an older man about some political issues and we agreed, I apparently made him comfortable enough to ask me how I voted on question one. I proudly stated that “I voted No. Because they wouldn’t be hurting anyone. It doesn’t affect you or me one iota.” I was a tad defensive, yes, but I couldn’t help it. he went on to say “I voted yes, because they already have their rights. He we allowed this to happen, what other rights would they try to get.” That was baffling to me. How about all the rights they deserve as human beings? Ugh. Bigots.

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