April-May Edition

The new edition of Without Apology is out. I placed a little more than half the copies around UMA Wednesday, but I noticed they were just about all gone by 4 today. (And they aren’t being thrown away or anything, thankfully, as I’ve gotten reports of small piles still being present earlier on in the day.)

This edition has a pretty good variety of articles, I think. They range from sports, to non-sequiturs, to microsatellites, to history – and it’s that last one I think people should check out. It’s titled Bastardizing History and is by Gabriel Levesque (who I thank for his contribution).


March-April Edition

The March-April edition is finally here. Some extra details on it can be read here.

Thanks to Matt and Katy for contributing.

January-February Edition

The January-February edition of Without Apology has finally arrived.

Big thanks to those who contributed. I got two articles from Kaytlyn Gillis and one article from Matthew Doyon. I also had a few photo contributions from Michael Amalfitano. Do check out his work as it is quite good.

I’m sure few have really picked up on it, but I have changed the way I’m going to date the papers. I used to just put the month of publication (i.e., “November 2009”), but I’ve found I tend to get all the copies near the end of the month, so things look outdated pretty quickly. I’ve remedied that by hyphenating things just as I’ve done for the title of this post.

As always, there are some minor issues with the physical copy of the paper. One article had its first couple paragraphs on the front page, but when one turns to where it is continued on page 3, the entire article appears – those first couple paragraphs and all. This isn’t as bad as the first issue where half of an article didn’t appear at all since the reader can at least get the entirety of what was written this time, but it’s still a bit annoying.

There are also a couple minor typos on my part. They both showed up in the Little Spencer article. The worst part is that they are on “too” (spelled “to”) and “it’s” (spelled “its”), two of the words I really hate to see misspelled. Well, so it goes.

Again, a big thanks to Katy, Matt, and Michael for contributing. I hope to have more from you all for the February-March edition.

November Edition

The November edition is here. It can be found scattered throughout the UMA campus and in the hands of anyone who wants to read something intelligent.

As seems to be par for the course, it is not without errors. The previous edition had an unfortunate number of typos. This one does not have that problem (as so far noticed), though one article (Arguing From Consequence) did have one of those weird errors where certain characters are changed to seemingly random code. It looks like it is an isolated incident only affecting a few commas, however.

On page 4 at the bottom middle is an attempt to list the email address for contacting Without Apology. It seems to have been cut off. The address is withoutapologyinmaine@gmail.com.

Enjoy this month’s edition.

New Central Maine Publication

By Staff


Without Apology is a free monthly publication devoted to spreading good ideas throughout the central Maine region.

No idea is so sacred as to deserve unquestioned deference. Indeed, many ideas are just bad. All ideas should be open to criticism.

In this vain, Without Apology is an open-forum, editorial-style format. There is no one agenda for this publication except insofar as a presentation of good ideas is an agenda. And with this non-agenda agenda comes a storm against bad ideas. These are given too much respect all too often.

But there should be no misunderstanding. Without Apology is not out to be disrespectful for the sake of doing so. Sometimes ideas do deserve respect, even if they are pointed in the wrong direction.

But this does not mean all ideas. Do you believe Earth is 6,000 years old? If so, you have utterly silly, inane beliefs which ignore all evidence and deserve nothing but scorn, ridicule, and dismissal. Do you believe it is okay to deny your fellow citizen rights? If so, you’re a bigot, and no one respects a bigot. Do you believe you should treat people like dirt simply because you can? If so, you should be forced to face all the criticism that comes to such demeanors.

Without Apology has no fear in taking a strong tone. It has no fear in telling people when they have bad ideas. It isn’t out to dump all over everyone; It will offer praise when praise is due. But it is not here to coddle. It is not the mainstream media.

So please explore what Without Apology has to offer. Let us know what you think.